2 comments on “Writing Excuses

  1. My biggest problem is thinking up ideas while I’m driving, so I’ve resorted to endlessly toting a notebook with me in my backpack, which largely travels wherever I am going anyways. I’m hit or miss with when I open it, but there’s certainly been times I’ve been pleased to have the paper and pen handy. Which brings me to the other issue – I’m so used to the idea of writing by keyboard that I fear I will only ever write if I have my pc at hand. Which is presumably why I bought my netbook, since it also goes into the backpack. But really, I think we both need to get used to the idea of putting down an idea and exploring it. The ideas don’t live – the characters do. And we’ve seen enough of life in our lives to bring those characters to life, in some manner? Maybe I should pick a character and just make them deal with all this unexplored creativity.

  2. Brent – I feel your pain on that one. I have a few notebooks, and some of them haven’t even been used.

    I almost wonder if I should write long-hand and then transcribe when I have significant chunks completed.

    I like your idea re: character. I think it’s a good way to look at things.

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