12 comments on “When the music’s over, turn out the lights… (thoughts on the Borders bankruptcy & liquidation)

  1. Excuse me, I had the wrong tab open. Also a former Borders employee a long time ago, and reading some of the various Borders closing posts. Please ignore my previous comment. I’d delete if I could figure out how to.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts, Dane. I work in a PA superstore as a merch supe. (former IPT, Training supe. Operations supe.). Over the past few weeks, I’ve really gone through a range of emotions; sad, angry, impatient, worried, punch-a-customer-in-the-face-angry among others.Im pretty good at hiding these feelings. Until I’m in the stockroom or the backoffice. And I can defuse by talking about it with my coworkers.
    I suggest that you go back to 01 and talk to the employees. You must know some of them. You’ve worked at corp. for seven years, right? It’s possible that some may not be very receptive, but others may need some moral support. We could sure use some in our store. Show that all the suits at corp. haven’t forgotton about us grunts at the store level.

    • Wayne – that’s a great idea. I may just have to visit 421 as well since I spent equal time at that store. Thanks for chiming in.

      Also, for the record, I’m a corp grunt, not a suit. 🙂

  3. Thank you, Dane. This is coming from someone who never worked for Borders and tried so hard to get into the Novi store. I worked for Barnes & Noble in Brighton and hated it. I worked there and still would shop at Borders. I went into the Novi store yesterday and it was worse than I could ever imagine. Seemed torn apart. Music was a shell of what it used to be, the shelves of DVD’s empty because they’d be cleaned out. It’s a shame. I don’t think it’s as depressing as it is scary that we’re losing one of the best stores as well as companies I’ve ever known. It broke my heart the first time I walked into the Brighton store and saw the cafe cleaned out. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to cry about it. What I’m trying to say is if it helps you get through the loss of something that is a little more important to you than it is to us, the people who shopped there but didn’t work there by writing, please do. We all will read it. Thanks again for sharing, kind sir.

  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Dane. I look forward to whatever you have in store in the future. I came here by way of Babel Clash and the Twitter feed and I really hope that you continue to write and/or curate a blog with a focus towards science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Like you, I love discovering the “diamonds in the rough”, especially in sci-fi and horror and it’s strange that as the internet grows and grows, finding those diamonds seems to be becoming a little more difficult. That’s why I like finding curators that I trust.

    I had that once with an indie store in my hometown (now closed up and vacated after nearly 40 years in business…very sad) and like you, I actively avoid Amazon. Have you checked out IndieBound (indiebound.org)? Just a thought.

    In any case, I’m rambling so I’ll cut myself off. Thanks again for a great post and I’ll be bookmarking your site for future updates.

    • Hi Kyle,

      Thanks for responding. I’ll definitely find a way to stay in the publishing biz, even if it’s just as a blogger. A life without books is a life not worth living is one of my favorite quotes, so I’ll do what I can to keep them in people’s lives.

      Completely agree with you regarding how hard it is to find books even with the growth of the Internet. In fact, the four weeks I worked at the home office after we announced the liquidation, I almost felt lost. I didn’t really know who, or what, to turn to. I didn’t like that feeling one bit.

      We have a nice indie about five-ten minutes from my house. Conveniently, it’s also right next to the library, so between those two resources, I should be all set.

      Thanks again for stopping by. Until I have the new blog set up, I’ll use this blog as a stop-gap of sorts.

  5. Sadly, I guess you’ve got time to finish the Dark Tower series now. No reason to wait for 4.5. Best of luck in the future!

    • One of my plans is to actually do a Dark Tower reread for the new blog (was going to do it for Babel Clash) including a “first read” for the second half of book seven. I have all seven books ready to go.

      Thanks for the kind words!

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