2 comments on “Remembering 9/11

  1. Wow, Dane, your words brought me to tears. Where was I? Well, I was on my way to daycare to bring my daughter (then 7 weeks old) when the first plane hit. I knew of nothing because I wasn’t listening to the radio in the car that day. As I entered daycare, my daycare lady just looked at me with tears in her eyes, took my daughter and led me to the TV where she had brought other parents in. We all watched in awe as the smoke billowed from the first tower, I just couldn’t believe it.

    I asked my daycare lady if I could use her phone to call my boss, when my boss answered I simply said, “Jim, I don’t know when I will be in today, but I will be there. I think you need to turn on the TV.” Just as I was saying that, I heard a gasp on the other line followed with an, “Oh my god.” I softly told him to take care, and I would be in as soon as I can.

    I hung up the phone and looked up at the tv just as the second plane hit. Everything after that became a blur. I remember I was crying as I watched people jump in desperation, I remember seeing papers falling from the sky, and then… The towers came down. I needed to pull myself away from the tv. I held my daughter tighter than I ever have before, grateful of the little life her and I had.

    I didn’t make it into work that day, I just held my baby, thankful we were safe.

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