9 comments on “31 Days of Lessons Learned: American Girls Dolls are expensive!

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  2. I wanted to have a little girl, but instead had a little boy. Which is great, because I would have been overwhelmed by all the girl clothes and accessories available.

    I had a similar experience pricing Thomas and Friends wooden railway sets and accessories.

    Your wallet is empty either way, my friend.

      • Thankfully, our daughter hasn’t been completely exposed to Thomas just yet, but she’s definitely aware of who he is. We also bought her two little cars as a local craft show and that seemed to please her just fine. I think she’s just in a stage where she wants to scoot things across the floor.

  3. The trick with the American Girl dolls is to buy the American Girl doll and then buy the clothes/accessories at Target. 😉 Last year, I bought my 6YO a doll wardrobe at Target for $45 – similar item from American Girl is $350! She doesn’t know the difference.

    The AG dolls really are very nice quality, and they hold up well to lots of – um – active play.

  4. I couldn’t wait for my daughter to be old enough for an AG doll! Molly was her first. Aside from Target, you can look on Etsy or check your local crafty faires, and such. There are patterns to sew clothes for AG dolls, too, if you know someone who sews. My mum and I took the AG catalogue to the fabric store and got the closest fabrics we could find and sewed a wardrobe for each of my daughter’s AG dolls (we have 3). Then we pinned the picture from the catalogue to each outfit and boxed them in tissue and ribbons, just like Pleasant Company does when you buy their clothes. She loved that even more than getting the bought outfits! And mum and I had a lot of fun, too. Have a GREAT time with your daughter! Girls are expensive, but we have cool stuff 🙂

    • Thanks for all the advice. Those are some great ideas. I’m afraid she might be a little too rough with AG dolls right now, so I think I’m going to hold off at least another year.

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