3 comments on “31 Days of Lessons Learned: Memories come in all shapes and sizes

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  2. Love this! I have a 4 month old (as is evident on every post of my blog, all over facebook, across my desk at the office…) and his Daddy and I try to revel in every moment. After an early morning baby feeding fiasco, during which my hubby snapped at me for needing his help (he is not a morning person!), he apologized and said, “You know, someday we will look back and long for these moments.” Right there he decided to have a great attitude and cherish even the times we’re out of our comfort zone. Every day I wake hubby up before baby and I walk out the door, and as he gets out of bed and walks over to our boy, he transforms from walking zombie to super cutesie perky Daddy. I love my little family. Dane, you and I are blessed!

    • Thanks for the comments Carolyn. I completely agree that we’re all blessed and it sounds like your family has the right attitude about everything too!

      I started following your blog so I can be part of your journey as well!

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