3 comments on “31 Days of Lessons Learned: Don’t Stifle Your Child’s Creativity and Decision-Making (Girls Can Be Batman Too)

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  2. Love this. On Pinterest I keep seeing this kid in a batman costume with a tutu on top, with the caption: Add a tutu to any costume to make it a girl’s costume.” Every time I see it I have to post: Girls can be Batman too!! Stop stereotyping your girl if you want her to make her own decisions!

    • Thanks so much! I completely agree. I’m never going to let me daughter think she can’t do something because it’s more of a “boy” thing than a “girl” thing. In any given play session, my daughter will play with her dolly, then go right into playing with toy trucks and trains.

      She’s definitely going to make her own decisions in that regard.

      Hell, when I was a kid, I even had a Ken Doll.

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