13 comments on “#fridayreads – Friday 5 Questions with Literati Bookstore Co-owner Mike Gustafson

  1. Doomsday Books does have a certain ring to it. My Concentrate article wasn’t intended to be anti-Literati. After speaking with Aunt Agatha’s and Nicola’s and hearing all the positive support they were lending, Bill Gilmore’s reaction to the new store was surprising, but not a shock. His shop is blocks away from Borders, David’s and Shaman Drum and he’s been around for a while.

    I’m also a big fan of physical bookstores, but I also consume most of my books electronically now because of where I do the majority of my reading (the gym). So I agree with everyone that the bookstore needs to be about more than books. It’s working for Nicola’s, but it didn’t work so well for Shaman Drum. Was that rent? Traffic? Who knows.

    I hope Literati thrives. I can’t wait until they open.

    • Hey Rich! Oh, I totally got how most of the folks (especially Nicola’s) embraced the idea of helping out the Literati folks. Sadly, I expected that kind of reaction from Bill too, but not as extreme as it ended up being.

      His reaction was actually one of the reasons I reached out to Mike in the first place (and why I led with that question). I was extremely curious what he thought about it…and I wanted to do my part in spreading the positive word about the new Ann Arbor bookstore.

      Thanks for reading my interview!

  2. Hurrah for the bookstore. I have been diligently spreading the word. I write. My work is in various lit journals. I am not a Luddite and I DO want real books. I want the bookstore experience. It helps to make community! I am so glad for this interview.

  3. First off, thanks for the recommend on Too Loud A Solitude. Grats to Ann Arbor for getting their very own book shoppe. Yes, SHOPPE. That’s better than just being a store. I merchandised books on a retail level for 6 years. Even when e-readers became big, customers frequently told me they would never stop buying actual books. I think that people who love books (myself included) are passionate about them and plentiful enough to make good old fashioned book shop(pe)s a sanctuary that will never go away. My dream of all dreams is to have a book shoppe. Thanks, Dane, for doing your part to “keep the faith” by sharing this story. Best wishes Hilary and Mike, and Literati!

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