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    • i am in Florida and flew on US airways last year. I gues that is where they got . Thank youmy address. The # quoted is866 341 1231

      • This is NOT from US Airways. They are calling themselves US Airlines to give people that impression I’m sure. If you get the letter, give it to your local postmaster.

      • I just opened up a Fly The US Skies mail with an attached travel check for $1,199 for 2 and all I have to do is call the above # to transfer it for 2 round trip airfares. I suspected it was a scam. Thanks you guys for the heads up.

    • I received mine today (01/21/2013). At least mine was typed and looked very “official”. Contents were the same as everyone elses. I wonder if these morons had ever thought about putting all this energy into making an honest living. What a novel idea!

      • Oh yes, mine was very professionally printed as well. I just taped up the mail and put return to sender. They have to pay for full postage again for a returned mail.. When they send bulk mail, it only cost them 3 cents per but 45 cents for returned mail. LOL. Teach those bastards.

    • I got one today too! Thanks for the head’s up! Mine is signed by Vice President Keli Cole. Does USAir know about this and are they taking any action???

    • They’re still at it–I’ve gotten a couple of these in the past and just tossed them out without thinking about what they might be. I’m sure they were US Airlines then, but yesterday I got one from Continental US, which caught my attention because I thought Continental was taken over and is no more–right? Now it’s Vice President “Amy Dee” signing for the scam so stay vigilent. How do they get your credit info if this is supposedly a “free” trip? And I want to know when they tried to reach me when I always have my phone with me–idiots.

  1. We got the same letter. Funny thing is, it says we must respond no later than November 2nd – and it didn’t even come in the mail until November 4th. We’re in the Pittsburgh area.

  2. I got Oct. 31st dated letter today Nov. 7th. I need to respond by November 9th. The envelope is postmarked Nov. 4 Phoenix, AZ

  3. Got my letter today, Nov. 7, 2011. felt it was a scam. looks like I am correct. thanks for all the input. Detroit area.

  4. I received the same letter today. Sarasota fl. The address is made to look handwritten but is printer generated. Different phone number.

    • I received one today, 12/10/11, in Wisconsin, signed by Dorothy Wade, Vice President. What’s funny is that there is a Dorothy Wade on Linkedin that says she is Vice President of US Airlines, but it doesn’t look like an official site. Besides, the common and large airline is US Airways, NOT US Airlines.

      • I got it yesterday and it’s signed by Renee Wade. Phone # 1866-803-0820. no return address on envelope and postmarked Phoenix, AZ

  5. Received 11/7 in Northern Virignia. I was going to throw it away anyway, but thought I’d google the phone number just to satisfy my curiosity and found this site.

  6. I got one too! Only one day to respond. Thanks to folks like you a quick google search brought the scam to light.

  7. Same one received here in San Diego, California. Thanks for warning, decided to google before calling. Different number on my letter 866-306-2145 Code at bottom of letter EK-67593. NEED TO REPLY BY NOVEMBER 9TH, 2011.

  8. I just received the same exact letter today (11/8/11). I am surprised it was hand addressed and that they paid for a stamp! Thanks for your post.

    • I got the letter today Baltimore Maryland……no return address signed Nicole clay vice president of what????

  9. Yup – same exact letter from “N. Clay” in Illinois. Good point two posts above re: “vice president of what???” !! I called the number after blocking my number with *67 and the person answered “travel awards” and said they were contracted by airlines or cruise companies. He didn’t try to do a hard sell, though. HOW CAN WE STOP these scams???!

  10. Got one dated 31 Oct 2011 “signed” by Nicole Clay. I’m in Savannah, GA.
    It is a scam. Thanks for your posting.

  11. I received a letter that looks exactly like the one posted. The only difference is mine was signed by vice president Valerie Fay.

    I didn’t call the number, just looked up scams.


  12. Also received letter today from Phoenix, from Valerie Fay. Phone number 866-351-4884. Live in Orlando. They wrote that we were “qualified” for an award of 2 roundtrip airline tickets and claimed that they have attempted contacting us several times without success (not true) and this is “our last attempt”. States that “if we do not hear from you soon, we may need to issue the ticket vouchers to the alternate”.

  13. I just received my own letter today, and I need to respond by November 25th. In addition, also signed by Valerie Fay.

  14. rec’d this letter , the “vice president ” who signed is Valerie Fay, boy they sure to have a lot of vp’s ! the phone # to call on mine is 866-351-4884.

  15. Dated Nov.14th. 2011. Got same letter Valeria Fay does not work for US Airlines. FAKE !!!
    Winter Springs , Florida

  16. i got oe today. Exactly the same letter. Hand signed by V Fay. Address is also hand written. Post marked in Phoenix Az. No return address. Of course. Dated Nov.7th, 2011.
    Phone # 1-866-300-0793.

  17. Just received “the letter” dated 11/21 and signed by Erica Bale, Vice President (VP of WHAT???). Must reply by Dec.2, 2011 by calling 1-866-341-1231. I’m in Florida.
    I didn’t call but I will be reporting it to USPS. Hopefully “they” will get caught before too many people get scammed ! Happy Holidays and remember….If it’s too good to be true …it usually is!

  18. Received ours today in Sarasota Fl. also from Erica Bale, VP of ???. Dated November 21, 2011 mustv reply by December 2nd. Number to respond 866-341-1231. Thanks to everyone who posted about this earlier. Happy Holidays.

  19. I also received a letter. When I called, they asked me if I was married or had someone with whom I make financial decisions. I stated no. I was then told that I didn’t qualify even though the letter states that I am qualified. Why would I need to have a significant other?

  20. I got one today 11-26-11 in Tampa Florida. A handwritten envelope from the Vice President of US Airlines Erica Bale.

  21. Just got one here in Illinois (11/28/11), need to respond by 12/2. Phone number 1-866-341-2290, signed by Erica Bale.

  22. THANK YOU Dane for satisfying my curiosity. Same as Jenn; we are in Pittsburgh and our letter, too, was from Erica Bale.

  23. Got mine today nere in South Carolina Hilton Head. Just like all the others from the vice president Erica bale. Wonder why people like these couldn’t find a more proficient way to inest their time!!!! There is so much need for house cleaners and street sweepers. !!!

  24. Mine came in the form of a post card from West Palm Beach, FL. Reply number 1-877-830-3672 which is non-existent. Got the letter about six months ago and threw that one away, too.

  25. We got ours today from Erica Bale , vice president of US Airlines.
    As if the letterhead from a company would be solely in black and white. BTW there is no US Airlines. I hope these scammers get cancer of the prostate or ovaries, which ever applies.

  26. I received a post card today (Ohio) congratulating me on being selected to receive 2 round trip airfares to anywhere US Air flies, and a bonus 3 day, 2 night hotel stay if I respond within 48hrs. No address, just the 877 number

  27. I got the same letter in Illinois, signed by Erica Bale. It was dated November 28. Posted from Phoenix. Phone number was 866-333-0997. Definitely a scam.

  28. I received one as well! Dated October 31, 2011 and “you must respond no later than November 9th, 2011.” This one is from “Vice President” Nicole Clay? Same exact letter, just different number…mine says 1-866-306-3686….and mailed to Florida.

    These scams have to end! Innocent elderly people are becoming victims of this. It’s awful!

  29. I got one, too. The sad thing is that it would be very easy for the government to subpoena thos phone numbers account information since it is already mail fraud. I’m sure she is not the VP, for starters.

    Putting a few of these jokers would go a long way to cleaning up my mailbox.

    • Sorry for the spelling errors!

      I got one, too. The sad thing is that it would be very easy for the government to subpoena account information for these phone numbers since it is already mail fraud. I’m sure she is not the VP, for starters.

      Prosecuting a few of these jokers in would go a long way to cleaning up my mailbox.

  30. I received one today, no US Airlines address and stupid 866 number with Erica Bale as vice president. I live in Savannah, GA.

  31. I also received hand addressed letter from Phoenix Arizona. The message was the same, although signed by Ericka Bale. 12/06

  32. I received the same letter, hand addressed from Phoenix, Arizona, same message, signed by VP Erica Bale. I live in West Dundee, Illinois.

  33. from “V.P. Dorothy Wade” 1-866-330-7980
    I’m reporting these scumbag scammers to the local P.D. here in the Chicago ‘burbs..

    US Airlines HA!

  34. I got one form from “V.P. Dorothy Wade” 1-866-330-7980 in the Chicago burbs… I just googled the numebr and found this site…

  35. Got the same letter today signed by “Vice President Dorothy Wade”. We are in the Trinity, FL area. Glad to know this is a big scam! Has anyone actually called the number listed to see what they say?

  36. Received a post card with a 757 underbelly and clouds in the background and the Delta logo and the words “FLY AWAY ESCAPE”. It was presorted First Class Mail from West Palm Beach, Fl Permit 3950. It stated that this Ohio resident has been selected to receive 2 RT tickets anywhere Delta flies in the continental US. It has a 48 hour teaser to get 3 day and 2,ight hotel stay. There is a disclaimer for taxes and reservation fees. This is where your credit card come into play. Danger!

  37. Same thing. I’m in Chicago burbs. Hand addressed from Phoenix, AZ. VP Dorothy Wade. 1-866-330-7980. Code “EU-43363”.

  38. Got one in Tampa…same old garbage. This reminds me, I need to make sure my elderly parents and in-laws know to ignore this kind of nonsense.

  39. Yup, go t the exact same letter, I was suspicious be not on official airline stationary.
    I am in Schaumburg, IL area.
    Thanks for the heads up!

  40. Scary thing is that I’ve never used the airline – ever! And I got a letter – proved to be smooth talking scam artist after my CC details.

  41. I got a postcard. Was an offer for Delta, not US Airlines. No signature on the postcard, but when I googled the 1-877-830-3672 this site came up.

  42. Received same letter today, VP “Dorothy Wade”, must respond by 12/26….bla bla bla……..has anyone actually ever called? From Schaumburg, IL (NW suburb of Chicago)

  43. Got the same letter in November… reply NLT 11/25! Has anybody every called the number? I worry that it’s one of those where when you call they charge you money or get you phone number & charge that somehow! Live just outside of Orlando…

  44. My husband and I received the postcard from “Delta” airlines regarding a similar scam. Phone number to call was 18778303672. Beware in Ohio! And thanks!

    • I just got the DELTA postcard in the mail….they have “been trying to contact me and claiming this is not a timeshare or land sale offer” ALMOSY had me thinking to call them!

      Thanks for the heads-up on this scam.

  45. Got mine today–hand addressed from Phoenix AZ from Alexis Doug, VP with #866-371-8479. Seems the letters come in waves with different VP names. First one I see posted here from Alexis Doug but I am sure there will be more!!

  46. I received a postcard today congratulating me for winning two free Delta Airlines tickets. You are absolutely right when you say that, if it is too good to be true, it isn’t.

  47. We got the same letter dated Jan 9th, 2012
    US Airlines needs to do something about these people before they rip off some
    elderly person with no money to waste. lol better yet let US Airlines send us all real
    tickets to make it up to us all.

  48. I received the postcard from “delta” a week after I booked a Delta airlines flight. how do they get our info so fast?

  49. I got the Delta postcard version today in Ohio. I haven’t flown Delta in quite a while so I assume everyone on whatever address list the scammers bought is getting the same card.

  50. Got the delta postcard version also today in the mail… the postage permit shows being west palm beach florida, permit #3950. maybe a mail fraud complaint is in order…

  51. Got the same letter today in Dearborn MIchigan. US Airlines phone number 1-866-363-8054
    signed by Kristina Bar Vice President. The letters came from Phoenix AZ.. The retail price of my award is $ 1,400.00 around the continental U.S. Must respond by January 26, 2012.

  52. Got the same letter here, today. Ours was from Kristina Bar @ 866-363-8045, saying that we were being given 2 round trip tix on US Airlines. Hope these people get busted. What a shame if they get someone’s info and take their money. 😦

  53. I received a post card today from Jet blue, same thing , claims we can get two free round trip airfares. Must reoly in 48 hrs

    • Okay, the scam is still alive and well. I live in Utah and got one today with US air, SOuthwest, and Jet Blue listed on them with Elise warren as Guest services Manager. I work as a police Officer so I couldn’t resist. When I call the number guy answered. what they a are wanting to do is get you to give tthem your credit card number for the cost of the tickets mailed to you. Well I couldn’t resist mesing with them so I told them ” wow what a concident I’m only an hour away I will drop off my “Cash” right now. As soon as I started to ask him questions he hung up… IT’s a scam folks so beware.

  54. Got the exact same letter today — It was from a different VP though — Kristina Bar. Looked like a scam and is. US Airways people not US Airlines – no such thing 🙂

  55. Got the same letter but signed by Kristina Bar vice president. Live in Denver CO. Whoever is doing it must be making money considering the cost of postage…pity the guilable people that fall for this type of scam. With the state of the economy this type of thing will increase I’m sure. Any way to make a buck these days, somebody is going to try it…

  56. Jan 23. 2012: We received exactly the same letter, wording is the same, however the “Vice President” signature was from a Kristina Bar. How can we report it?

  57. Just got the exact same letter. I did call figuring it was a scam but just wanted to see what the pitch was. They say they represent a local travel agent (they don’t have a name though) and the agent is giving away the tickets and they just want you to go to the agency to pick them up. They give an address but no agency name. You just have to pay the taxes and the baggage fee. I told him I was reading this article while he was talking and ended the conversation.

  58. Yep I got one today, Funny the vice presidents name on mine is Brittany Hunt! LOL! Do people really fall for a hand written envelope with a phoney logo on it & give out their credit card info! Wise up people!!!!!

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  60. Just got a letter from JetBlue Airways. Voucher good for 2 round trip airline tickets worth up to $999. Says urgent and final notice signed by Awards Department. These people piss me off 😦

  61. I know of two other people that received letters from Jetblue also on 2-9-12. Weve searched and found it to be a scam. The address is no good along with the phone number.

  62. we also received one of these letters signed by Brittany Hunt, VP of US Airlines but were also sceptical so didn’t respond

  63. Got the same letter today, Valentines day, must reply by Feb. 15th It appears to be hand addressed but I don’t think it is after I look at it closely. I am always wary of a corporate letter head that does’t have any informaton on it other than a fake name. (Don’t confuse this business? with US airways that is where a google seasrch first took me). Any way they sure have a lot of VP’s cause I got mine from Brittany Hunt 1-866-464-4106.
    Ken -Toledo , OH

  64. I got the same letter today signed by vice president Kelly Mane. I too thought it fishy, plain handwritten envelope, from Phoenix, and an phony letter.

  65. It’s back again as of February 2012, this time with a different phone number, 1-866-444-7152 and a different vice president, Kelly Mane.

    You can be sure legitimate airlines do not give away tickets for free for no apparent reason.

    Southwest Florida

  66. received same letter, thanks for the post to beware of scam….especially since I am in the process of having to set up a flight

  67. Same here … lot of loot spent on stamps … hope no one falls for it in today’s day of research on the Internet 🙂

  68. Received mine this week in Naples, FL. Signed by “Vice President Kelly Mane”, with toll free number 1-866-444-7152.Like the rest of you, I was skeptical and came right to the www for the verification. Great posts.

  69. We just received one in the Metro-Detroit area dated Feb 13th. This time they were a little smarter and used the awards redemption company Goodman York and didn’t name any airlines. It came in the same hand addressed envelope from Arizona and the letter looks identical to the one pictured above. The only differences were the logo, the Vice President’s name (Kelly Mane) and the phone number,1-866-452-0799.

    Thanks for posting the scam!!

  70. Just got one of these letters in the mail yesterday. Dated 2/13/12 and signed by Kelly Mane.
    Googled the number 866-444-7152 and show this blog, thank you!

  71. just got one today dated 2/13/12 and signed by kelly mane. The letter came from Phoenix, AZ This needs to be turned over to the FBI for investigation.

  72. Got one today. Contact is Vice President Kelly Mane, phone number given is 866-545-0867. Had my husband’s name and our current address, which is troubling because we moved here less than three months ago. We are in Ft. Collins, northern Colorado.

    • I’m in Ft. Collins too. Got the letter – different vice president and phone number. Seems like a lot of us in Colorado are being targeted….

  73. Received same letter dated February 18th, 2012, signed Kelly Mane, Vice President.

    Silvia in Centennial, Colorado

  74. We reside in CA and just received a letter from jetBlue Airways (note that ‘jet’ was spelled with lowercase j; not upper case J). Beware of this letter. Same letter. Same scam.

  75. I just got the letter- also from AirTran..”this offer is not affiliated with AirTran but they are a major supplier… A 90 minute vacation ownership presentation is required”

  76. I got the same letter today. No return address, which caused a red flag for me. And no airline is going to hand write your address on the envelope. Plus, all it had was US Airlines on it (not even their correct logo I don’t think), no address or other contact info. Not real letterhead. The “vice president” on mine was Megan Base. I had no intention of calling the number, but I wanted to see how many of these were floating out there.

  77. my parents rcvd one today but I knew it could be some kind of scam for their credit card info. ty for putting this out there.

  78. I got a postcard today in Newark,ohio. Its from AirTran, AND if I call 1-877-830-3672 within 48 hours, I also get a 3day/2nights hotel stay. What a deal right? WRONG! I’m not even going to call.

  79. I received letter today here in Pensacola, Florida.
    “Megan Base” is the “VP” in my letter as well.

    The callback number is: 866-220-7315

  80. I got one from US Airlines, looks just like yours. No return address, but postmarked from Phoenix AZ, signed by Mary Jay. I’m in Panama City, Florida. They must be working their way around the zip code book.

  81. got one from airtran today….P O palm beach Fla. where I worked on New Year’s Eve…I live in the Boston area

  82. Hi fellow scamees. I got the letter in question today in Boston MA, 3/29/2012, claiming I’ve won two round trip tickets from US Airlines, valued at up to $1400. The letter is “signed” by Debra Hall. The problem is, there is no US Airlines. It doesn’t exist, and neither does “Debra Hall” I’ll wager. Last week. I also got a phone call from some travel company claiming I won two cruises to the Caribbean. Then, as the call progressed, the prize is really only a discount on these trips and they wanted my credit card number. Reminded me of Shel Levene’s scam line about a “prize” in the movie Glen “Garry Glenn Ross”. A further point is, I never entered any contest, so there’s no way I could win a prize in the first place. I’ve noticed that these scams always pop up whenever the economy is bad and people are most in need of money. Like those infomercials telling people you can “Buy a house, with no money down!” The people that pull these scams have no soul, and no shame and couldn’t care less I they ruin you. Just always remember the old saying “Nobody gives you something for nothing.”

  83. I got one yesterday from US Airways 18004609177, and no handwritten anything. I’m in WI, and the postmark is FL-West Palm Beach.

  84. Got one today – signed by Debra Hall and instructed to call 866-815-9945. Calling my local FBI office to see if they will investigate. 🙂

  85. Appartently, they are not done we got one of these on friday the envelope had not return address on it at all. Claimed that Debra Hall Vice President signed letter. I knew this was a scam right away, but decided to look this up on internet as well also gave a #866-815-9945 to call. Indiana

  86. I got the EXACT same letter as posted by the last post above; Debra Hall, VP, 866-815-9945. Indiana

  87. Ditto – here in Indiana – Debra Hall VP. I think this came from a sweepstakes entry I did at an IU basketball game back in December. Got a phone call a few weeks ago saying I won a cruise and round trip tickets – also a scam! She did say that I was being called because of the entry.

  88. I live in Indiana and mine just came today as well…….April 2, 2012. Mine was signed by Debra Hall VP.

  89. I got one in today’s mail and found this site when I googled the phone number Signed “Debrah Hall.” What a bunch of crud. Who, in their right mind, would fall for something like this in this day and age?

  90. I received one of those letters today but it was typed. I figured it was a scam because it had no address or details of the airlines…BEWARE!

  91. I have received this same letter, the only difference was my vice president’s name was Debra Hall. I knew it was a scam as soon as I opened it. I have never flown with US AIRLINES. I’m a DELTA girl. Beware

  92. I got a postcard today saying I was going to receive 2 round trip airfares to anywhere US Airways flies in the continental US. all I had to do was call within 48 hrs. To claim this special offer, all I had to do was call a toll free number. Have never heard of US Airways!

  93. Got one today from US Airways in Lafayette In. 4/3/12. This makes me so mad. Mines is a postcard but not signed by anyone BEWARE!!!

  94. It’s definitely a phishing scam. I called them today after I got my letter in Austin, TX. I called them after I looked everything up on Google. My letter was signed by a Debra Hall, so I called the number. A lady answered and told me Debra was unavailable. Then she told the the deal: I had to answer a few personal questions, then they could set up a time for me to go into one of their regional offices to take a tour and see what they had to offer. When I asked why she needed the personal information, she told me it was because they wanted to see if I was in the particular demographic that qualified for the free tickets. I told her that I was reporting the company to the Texas Attorney General’s Office.

  95. Got the same letter today here in Illinois from the same Debra Hall as Jason in Austin. Knew it was a scam right away since a) there IS no US Airlines b) the envelope was handwritten with no return address c) it wasn’t on official company letterhead…..which makes sense since the company doesn’t exist – LOL. I hope nobody has fallen for this blatently obvious ploy.

  96. I got one today April 10th 2012 mine says US AIRWAYS FLY AWAY ESCAPE
    CONGRATULATIONS! You are going to receive 2 round trip airfares to anywhere U.S. Airways flies in the continental US. Call within 48 hours and you will also receive as a bonus A 3 DAY 2 NIGHT HOTEL STAY!!! To claim this special offer, simply call 1-800-478-8297
    it also had some laim looking fake air line ticket that had TRAVEL ITINERARY on it with my name. the address on the back of the envelope had VC 120 State Ave NE #1417 Olympia, WA 98501. all it was is to schedual a 90 minute seminar about a travel company they want you to go and listen to. If you show up and listin you get these 2 ticket, but he said you do have to pay taxes on it, so who knows. Suppose to bring 2 forms of ID. last time I did something like this in Vegas I got suckered into buying a time share.

  97. Received award voucher and flight coupon from US Airlines. Boarding pass to no where, expires in a couple of days, Final Notice! Just for giggles, called and they advise that they are a local travel agency, but meeting at local Hilton, due to ‘capacity’ regulations at their office! Of course they don’t want to do anything illegal! Sorry for those that fall for this crap!

  98. We recieved the same US Air letter a few days ago! Just like the previous comments we decided to give them a call. They had a extremly coached representatives who seemed to have all the right answers to our numerous question. She kept stating that all we would only be liable for taxes and airport fees. When asked to elaborate she kept stating the same rehearsed line over and over again. We are located in the Chicago Western Suburbs. Below is the follow up email they sent:

    Dear xxxxxxxxxxx,

    This email is to remind you of your appointment on Saturday, April 14th, at 10:00AM in Lombard, IL.

    You have been offered a special gift in exchange for your time in attending the open house. You will receive two roundtrip airline tickets valid anywhere inside the continental United States to a major international airport. This offer is in consideration of your time for previewing the wholesale travel agency.

    This is NOT A TIMESHARE. It is a full-service travel agency which specializes in luxury accommodations, cruises and travel packages. You will not be obligated to buy, sign or join anything.

    The open house will include a brief presentation on the services offered in a relaxed, casual atmosphere. This is a group presentation so please arrive 15 minutes early. Please note that this is not open to the public and is by invitation only.

    This is a limited time offer and is non-transferable.

    Please click here for directions.

    1919 S Highland Ave

    Building B Suite 210

    Lombard, IL 60148

    From Highland Ave. turn East onto St. Regis Dr. and then make your immediate left into the parking lot. Suite 210 is located in Building B near the South entrance facing Regis Dr.

    Please respond to this email to confirm your appointment, or please call me at 1-866-299-1009.

    We are looking forward to seeing you!

    Kimberly Watts

    Kimberly Watts
    Confirmation Manager

    Participants must be between the ages of 28 and 67. Participants must have a combined annual household income in excess of $45,000. Both spouses/cohabitants must attend the group presentation. Members or participants in previous promotions are not eligible. Participants must speak and understand fluent English. Children and uninvited guests are not permitted. Participants must provide a state-issued identification card as well as a major credit card (not a debit card) for identification to claim the gifts.

    Tis is a scam! Don’t waste your time. Its just amatter of time before law enforcement steps in!

    • Thank you so much for posting this. We also received a letter dated 4/9/2012 for free airline tickets so buyer beware.


  99. us airways not us airlines hand written envelope scam of the day vp listed as
    lois adams phone 18667746301 scam /scam / scam

  100. Received the same letter yesterday in Chicago, dated April 9th, 2012. US Airlines, Lois Adams 866.774.6273.

  101. Got one two Naples Fl. Deadline April 11 sent out from Phoenix Arizona April 4th. President Debra Hall 866.797.5540

  102. I got one today , but mine came in the form of a Government notice like you get from social security . Final Notice is typed across the front . C.S. in Indiana

  103. Yes, the same notice landed in our mail box 4/16/12. It is amazing how long these things go on without govt. intervention.

  104. Received the US Airlines free tickets letter today with no return address, the envelope was simply postmarked in Phoenix, AZ. Same MO. Same dollar amount for the tickets, signed by Christine Hay. 1-866-569-2419.
    So what I have noticed reading this forum and a couple of others that address this type of scam is that it appears they change name and 866 phone numbers very often so I suspect they are constantly playing a game of cat and mouse with the FCC.
    Anyone have any idea where they get their mailing list from? Are they buying them from the postal service? I’m curious, as I try to be as vigilant as possible with my privacy and keep the junk mail to an absolute minimum.

  105. exact letter came today. addressed to my mom at my address. ours was signed by christine hay, vp.

  106. Ours was slightly different.”US Airways Fly Away Escape” included a ticket voucher to anywhere in the Continental US and 3 nights, 2 days in a hotel! The phone number was 1-800-464-3260 They seem to be morphing as they move along to the next victim. I’m going to call and see what they try to scam us with!

  107. Ours was same as ruesoleil52. Phone was 1-800-467-8510. With a return address of VC, 120 State Avenue NE # 1417, Olympia, WA 98501.

  108. Ours came in our mailbox today. I hate scammers!! Mine is a postcard that says ‘Fly Away Escape US Airways’. Postmark is from West Palm Beach FL. Permit # is 1616. The phone number is 800-460-9478.

  109. I got mine today and I’m using the free tickets to go to Europe!


    Handwritten envelope from PHX area signed by Christine hay with 866-303-9666 as number. What a joke!

  110. Austin area, signed by Christine Hay. Same as others in same region.
    I am surprised the scam goes by mail letter rather than email.
    Clearly some of our information is being compromised which is what concerns me. Does someone know how to proceed other than throwing the letter ?

  111. Got mine in SC today (april 27, 2012)
    signed by Christine Hay
    phone number was 1-866-294-2889

    From what I’ve read, it seems like a marketing tactic to get you to attend a sales pitch for a vacation club (the vacation station maybe?) Which is probably not a good deal. However, who knows if you attend the sales pitch, and ‘just say no’ you might get off with two tickets.

  112. Just got one sent from West Palm Beach, FL with am 877-349-0701 number to call. It does not say US Airlines, but is otherwise a very similar offer. In fact, there is no company listing on the contents of the envelope or the envelope itself. It shows an “Announcement Type of Final”, and is signed “Awards Department”. Total scam….

  113. Got a post card with the same infomation, and to call 888-535-9521 – and if I call within 48 hours I get a 3 day, 2 night hotel stay. Going in the round file. Veneta, Oregon

    • Got the same post card except the number to call was 800-460-9478; it came from West Palm Beach, FL. This is also going in the round file

  114. I got a similar letter on April 2, 2012. I just called the toll free number. The rep claims that a local travel agency hired them to do this promotion, so they can get more business. Tickets good for one year at any international airport in the continental U.S. Tax not included. In return, we have to sit in on a 1 hour PowerPoint presentation.

  115. I just received this letter for the second time in the mail. Signed by Christine Hay. I don’t remember what month I received the first letter like this, but it was several months ago.

  116. yep got it today except this time the vice president is grace bell and the number is 1-800-879-7956 I wonder who’s DNA is Under the stamp You Know the sticky side im sure they touched

  117. My husband just received on today May 8th 2012. It’s Say: Congratulation! you are going to reeive 2 Round Trip Airfares to anywhere in the continental USA. cALL WITHIN 48HRS. you will alson receive as a Bonus 3day 2night hotel stay! We have been trying to contact you! (THIS IS NOT A TIMESHARE OR LAND SALE OFFER.) RSVP #1-800-613-1886 MON-SUN 9AMTO 8PM

  118. Im from Orlando Florida and we got the same letter with a different VP name plus a few days later another piece of mail that said URGENT…open immediately. Thanks for looking out-we were going to jump on this but thanks to a quick google search we were smarter than that.

  119. Got one today. I’m a cop/detective so I am a natural born doubter. Good work identifying a scam people. Hope their postage adds up. VP “Grace Pell” is probably out of Nigeria.

  120. yep – “Grace Pell” VP of “US Airlines” sent me a letter as well – chicagoland area

  121. I got the same letter from Grace Pell …….the “VP” of US Airlines…. I hope nobody falls for these ridiculous scams….I’m from South Eastern Massachusetts!!

  122. Same exactly letter with same letter head as on the photo at the top of this page, “US Airlines”. Says please call me today at 1-866-294-2889, signed by Christine Hay, Vice President. Why our law enforcement people do not do anything with this??? or US Airlines do not care about their reputation? we are in South Carolina.

  123. Got US Airlines letter 5/10/12 – Grace Pell scam. I got a phone call last week saying that I had won from entering at a supermarket or movie theatre – but I hadn’t so I selected the ‘put me on the DNC list’ option. Then I get this yesterday. This stuff really P’s me OFF! Thanks for posting so I didn’t waste time calling.

  124. Got the same letter on May 7, 2012, from Phoenix, AZ. I’m from New Jersey. Grace Pell must be the new VP of US Airlines. The “Megan” at Ext. 27 (866-299-1009) told me to pick up the tickets with my husband on May 12th at Embassy Suites , Parsippany, NJ. Should I bring a police squad with me?

  125. I got a post card from West Palm Beach FL.

    The post card has a picture of a airplane and has “FLY AWAY ANYWHREER A US AIRLINE FLIES” but the aircraft has no logo.

    The other side states to call toll free 1-800-613-1886 Mon – Sun 9am-8pm (no specific time zone)

    This is for 2 round trip airfares to anywhere in the continental USA.

  126. I live in Indiana and got my offer supposedly valued at $1298.00 in the mail today May 14, 2012 that is post marked from Phoenix, AZ 352 and affixed with a real postage stamp on a hand printed envelope with no return address. The phone number is 1-866-285-8014 and signed by Grace Pell, vice president. Let’s call the vice squad because US AiIRLINES DOES NOT EXIST. THIS IS A SCAM FRO THE WORD GO!!!!!!!!

  127. I live in Illinois and received a letter today from US Airlines. The retail value of the award is up to $1298. Awesome, if were true. It was signed by Grace Pell Vice President. It sure felt like a scam and that’s why I got on line. Thanks for putting this information out there.

  128. I received a postcard today from USAir. The postcard has a picture of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner with the words “JetAway GetAway.”

    This is what the postcard says: “Congratulations! You have been selected to receive 2 Roundtrip Airfares to any major hub in the continental US along with 3 days and 2 nights of complementary Hotel Accomodations. Call within 48 hours and you will also receive as a bonus a $100 dining gift card! We have been trying to contact you! This is not a time share or land sale offer. To claim this special offer simply call 1-800-843-2104. Certain restrictions apply. Call for details of participation. This offer is not sponsored by or affiliated with US Airlines but they are a major supplier. Taxes and reservation fees are the responsibility of the recipient. Offer void where prohibited by law. Not appllicable to Alaska or Hawaii.”

    This is a scam. I’ll try to find out more information about these scammers.

    • I got a postcard of a family sitting on the beach from “Marriott”. Top left of front of post card said “From Our Family” Then said “To yours!” in bottom right. Bottom of postcard said Your Marriott Getaway. Back of card says” Congratulations! You have been selected to receive 3 days and 2 nights of complimentary Hotel Accomodations at a participating Marriott in the Continental US along with $100 in Dining.
      We have been trying to contact you! (This is not a time share or land sale offer)
      To claim this special offer, simply call 1-800-843-2104″

      Replied to this post because it’s the same phone number listed, which is probably how I found this page.

    • I received a similar postcard with the same contact number (1-800-843-2104) today (8/26/13) from Delta Vacations. The wording is almost the same, but it also says “This promotion is sponsored by IMS and is not affiliated with, nor an agent of Delta Vacations”. I live in Michigan.

  129. I also received the same letter from US Airlines. I also thought it was to good to be true until my hubby got on the Internet to google the Vice President on the letter and we read what u posted and we just want to let anyone know if u please get this it is a SCAM. Do not believe anything this letter said all they want to do is get u for any bills or credit cards that u owe.

  130. Mine came in May 2012 in the form of an “Award Notification”. The outer mailing warned, “Final Notice” and the “2012” date was written in the same font the IRS uses for it’s tax documents. Finally, there is a black box at the bottom which states: “Notice Urgency: EXTREME”.
    Inside, you find a letter from “US Airlines” with what they try to make look official by giving a bogus “Form #”, “Claim #”, and an “Announcement Type” (FINAL NOTICE).
    It states that they “have attempted contacting you several times”. (Obviously untrue, as we have Caller ID and I Google, identify, and then report each and every bogus call.)

    • The call back number was 1-866-217-3712, the postage was pre-paid (Permit No. 324) from Oklahoma City, OK. It’s a scam offering “2 Round Trip Airline Tickets” Worth Up To $1,298″. I hope no one falls for this, especially the elderly.

    • Same “Final Notice” letter signed by Awards Department” dated 5/16/12 with call back number of 1-866-223-3197.

  131. I got one on May 16th 2012. it was from Vice President Lisa King. “She” Even Signed it.. i got the envelope too. i wish i could get these kinda people put in jail for MAIL FRAUD
    on another note i found it funny that her name is Lisa KING and my last name is ALSO King… odd but i figured id bring that to attention too.. none the less..

  132. post card…US Airline Fly Away. Irvine, CA. 5/17/12 Jackasses.
    Thanks for the information

  133. Same one from Lisa King, in Austin Tx. I figured it was a scam, looked up the # for fun and here I am.

  134. We just received the same in Illinois today from VP Lisa King dated May 14, 2012. Sooo many Vice Presidents. LOL !

    • Got one dated 5/14/12 from VP Lisa King. Thought something was fishy when a major airline sends a hand-written note. Phone number was 866-223-6278

  135. Got one May 18th – Franklin Indiana. Also been getting the phone calls from the 866 number but no voice mails are being left. Interesting enough, I have not flown in 3 years. As a side note, been getting the Walmart $1000 gift card texts and “free diabetes supplies” phone calls — all within the last three weeks and also notified by my bank (true, not scam) that my debit card information may have been compromised. ….. Been trying to figure out what or where …. tying to link it back to some one or place

  136. Got the same letter today from VP Lisa King
    Date: May 21, 2012
    City: Altamonte Springs, FL

  137. I just received the exact letter except it was signed Lisa King Vice President. Knew it was a scam. Not on official letter head of the airline and no address on envelope or letter.

    • LD,

      I received the exact same letter. I always wonder where they get our information. I recently moved to Austin so I imagine there was something from that which triggered it.

  138. Richmond, VA. I got a postcard from “USAir”. Same “free” offer. No identifying company as the sender. SMALL PRINT: “Not associated with USAir…” SCAM! Remember, people: If it looks too good to be true, it probably isn’t true. You can’t get something for nothing. If you’re suspicious… Google!

  139. I got the postcard today–it is from USAir (which is a defunct airline). Same fine print that it’s not associated with USAirways (which is the name of the currently active carrier).

  140. 5/22/12 I just got a letter that looks just like the one you received. New VP, Lisa King. New phone 866-223-6119. Otherwise same shit! Would love 2 free plane tickets, but I knew better than to call from my own phone! Looked up the scam and there you were.

    Thanks for the info. Keep warning folks.

  141. received postcard 5-22-12 with photo of jet offering 2 round trip airfares to Hawaii or other US locations that US AIRWAYS or ALLEGIANT flies. Reverse side titled “fly away ESCAPE”; mailed presort first class us postage paid from sacramento CA permit No 1684. Indicates they have been trying to contact me. Instructed to call 877-287-1430 (unable to identify via reverse look up). the “certain restrictions apply” box lists address as: 120 State Ave NE, Olympia WA 98501

  142. I got the same thing yesterday in northern California. phone 866-223-6074. I’m not going to call. rip rip rip. Thanks for posting this online – helpful.

  143. I got one today. I am in Northern California as well. Ph# was different. 866-223-5657…. Thanks for the heads up!!!

  144. I got a postcard from West Palm Beach, FL for two round-trip tickets on Delta Airlines and two nights and any Marriott or Hilton in the Continental U.S. “This is not a timeshare or land sale offer.” 800-613-1886. I’m in the Seattle area.

  145. I have received the exact same letter. I did not respond. austin texas. let me know if I can do anything to help you prosecute these criminals.

  146. I got a postcard today. It says 2 round trip airfares and a 2 night stay at a Marriott hotel. The small print says it is not affilitated or sponsored by US Airways or Marriott. Thought it seemed fishy. I’m in Delaware.

  147. from CT, received postcard today same as above plus claiming I’ll get a $100 restaurant gift certificate as a bonus if I call within 48 hrs

  148. I got the same letter from US Airlines today by a Denise Cale….THere is no such company
    called US Airlines…it’s United Airlines or US Air

  149. I received Award Notification, Final Notice to claim two airline tickets. No person’s name just ‘Awards Department with the phone number 877-223-3197. Thanks for the blog!!

  150. Just got the letter today from a Denise Cale and decide to look it up on the internet first. LIke has already been stated, most things that are too good to be true, usually are.

  151. I received the same letter 6/2/2012. US Airlines. VP Denise Cale. Phone 1 866 841 1989. Letter from AZ, live in RI.

  152. I received one as well today postmarked 6/1/12. US Airlines. VP Denise Cale. 866-841-1993. Letter from AZ, Live in IN. Figured it was too good to be true. Thanks for this blog post!

  153. got one today 6/6/12 from delta for “2 airfares to anywhere JetBlue flies in the Continental US.”

    so i guess “JetBlue” is now on the same “giving pattern” as us Airlines. Can we hang these people for trying to blatantly steal from, typically, older citizens?

  154. We got one too last month may 2012. They said all we had to do was go to Mansfield mass and hear a little spiel about, their airlines and that we would get two free airline tickets to anywhere in the continental us for up to $1,298. However the vp on the my letter was Denise Cale. Thanks for posting this thread.

  155. Received a letter today with US Airlines header. Hand addressed envelope with no return address on neither the envelope nor letter itself. Post marked from Phoenix, AZ. Signed by Denise Cale, VP. The number listed is1-866-598-9740. Of course we’re not calling. The letter will be put in the shredder box. I noticed that someone above had said that they were reporting the letter to the USPS. Does this help stop the scam? We’re in IL.

  156. I just received an “official documents” mailing from Oklahoma City, OK, US Postage Paid permit No. 324, from Awards Department. The voucher for two round trip tickets on US Airlines needed to be certified to be valid by calling 1-866-535-7169. I called to check it out and received a voice message to hold. I hung up and decided to google.

  157. I just got my letter. I knew it was a fraud, but my husband said, check it out.
    So I decided to check out your site. My letter is from US Airlines, we flew in march on US Airlines. The letter is signed by .Denise Cale. Beware California!!!!!

  158. June 11, 2012
    Just got it yesterday to Weston, MA from Denise Cale, VP. Also handwritten addressed envelope.

  159. Same reasoning..mine postcard saying hawaii or anywhere u s airways flies. also, 300 dollar restaurant gift certificate. Scamming fuckers… google address on postcard found this blog post. good luck

  160. Yes, got the same letter today June 14, 2012 from Vice President Ashley Hill in a handwritten envelope

  161. Yes, I got one too. A post card says “Fly away ESCAPE” 2 Round Trip Airfares to Hawaii or anywhere that US Airways flies in the continental US and a 3 day / 2 night Marriott hotel stay!”

  162. Yep – I’ve gotten a couple of these and just got a final notice for the Award Notification for US Airlines, whoever that is. You are to call 1-866-535-7169 and there is no person’s name used now. It now says: Sincerely, Awards Department.

  163. 6/19 Texas – I got the exact same letter from Ashley Hill. My first instinct was to google it and I found this site. Thanks for the info.

  164. Got the letter signed by Ashley Hill, Vice President, code HV-47187, must call before 27 June 2012. I live onn Florida’s treasure Coast. Thank you for your post!

  165. I received the letter today in Novato, CA, signed by Ashley Hill, VP with the following phone number 1-866-871-8064. It has been shredded!

  166. They’re making another around. Received one today. Looks just like the one pictured in this blog, but it’s from Ashley Hill, VP.

  167. Received the “Final Notice” mailer with no indication who it’s from other than Awards Dept @1-866-535-7169. There’s a Boarding Pass for US Airlines enclosed and from the outside they make it look like some sort of IRS document although there is a disclaimer “This is not a government document”. It is postmarked from a meter in Oklahoma City, permit #324

  168. Received the “Final Notice” letter signed by VP Ashley Hill. Handwritten envelope mailed from Phoenix, AZ. I live in northern CA.

  169. Got one – June 2012 in South Florida. Same letter from Ashley Hill, VP. Phone number 866-871-8068. Handwritten envelope from Phoenix.

  170. just got mine in Chicago, from Phoenix, sent by “Jaclyn Bing.” By the way, there is no such airline or company as “US Airlines.”

  171. well just got one too! Here in Rhode Island. 7/25/2012/ Said a travel agency in nearby Mass was offering this. Same thing never heard of us airlines, signed by Jacklyn Bing, Vice Pres of what?? Wanted income age and to set up appt time Pay taxes on the tickets only and could not tell me that. He was from Arizona!!! Hell i dont even fly told him it was scam ad he got mad and I said GOODBYE!!!! thanks for the heads up

  172. I just got one in the mail today 6/29/12- also in Chicago from Jacklyn Bing, VP. Thanks for this post!

    • I got mine today, July 6th 2012, in Chicago. Jacklyn Bing, VP must have been working over the holiday. I believe this would be mail fraud and is a federal offense.

      A crime in which the perpetrator develops a scheme using the mails to defraud another of money or property. This crime specifically requires the intent to defraud, and is a federal offense governed by section 1341 of title 18 of the U.S. Code. The mail fraud statute was first enacted in 1872 to prohibit illicit mailings with the Postal Service (formerly the Post Office) for the purpose of executing a fraudulent scheme.


  173. Yup… Jacklyn Bing just sent me the same offer..2 roundtrip tix. What a joke! Hope I run into Jacklyn so I can punch her in the mouth!! How do they get away with this stuff?

  174. Got one from Jacklyn Bing today 07/01/2012 here in Austin, Texas, phone number 1-866-821-4248, postmarked out of phoenix, AZ

  175. Got one today in Chicago. I had to google cause I knew it was too good to be true, Funny thing is the Vice President on my letter is Jacklyn Bing. To the trash it goes!

    • I got Jacklyn Bing too. A shit load of scam artists out there! What goes around, comes around, they will al get theirs one day…

  176. received the same letter as everyoine else. J Bing Viced President, ph #866-779-7459, valued at $1298.00. the letter was postmarked from phoenix arizona. i called the # and there was no answer.

  177. same letter jacklyn bing won tickets, bs, there is no such thing as a free lunch. scam scam
    said they keep trying to call me.i’m on the no call list i get stuff everyday, they don’t leave a message. leave me alooone

  178. TWO postcards came to my address today. Offers two round trip airfares to anywhere in continental US. Also a bonus 3 day 2 night hotel stay. Not calling!! Threw them away!

  179. Jacklyn Bing is a busy girl, must have carpal tunnel syndrome by now with all that writing. Got mine today in Boston MA area, same letter, same award amount, postmarked Phoenix AZ, 6 July.

  180. Got one today in Florida, from Ms. Jacklyn Bing in Phoenix. It says they have been trying to contact me several times. Here’s hoping they never do!.

  181. Same Jacklyn Bing, VP. and send in 7/9/2012, to Austin, TX. From Arizona. Phone number is 1-866-779-7459.

  182. July 10th, 2012, received same letter, signed by except Jacklyn Bing, Vice President. It was mailed from Phoenix. I “won” 2 roundtrip airline tickets…valued up to $1,298.00. Phone contact is 1-866-759-4702. Oh, they have attempted to contact me several times….live in Florida. Envelope and signature is hand written.

  183. In Chicago, same letter from VP Kerry Dyer, 866-568-6314. They’re spending a ton of money on postage and time hand-writing everything. Thanks for the warning this is a scam. Saved me tons of time investigating myself!

  184. In Chicago, got the same letter from VP Kerry Dyer, 1866-546-1689. I thought it was a scam, researched online and found your thread. Thanks!

  185. Just got the exact letter today in the mail, live in MA. Our vice president was Kerry Dyer. Assumed it was a scam, googled it, and here I am writing this comment.

  186. Denver, Colorado. I received an official looking letter yesterday from US Airways with an attached check for $1,400. It was signed by Amelia Luna and it said it was an award notification from Travel Union, Phoenix, AZ 85006. I was told to call 1-866-746-4354. Thank goodness for the Internet where we can research things before we get scammed.

  187. July 14, 2021
    I just received a handwritten envelope from US Airlines, postmarked 7/11/12, from Phoeniz, AZ 852, and signed by Kerry Dyer, Vice President, informing me that I’ve just won two airline tickets to anywhere in the continental U.S., but I must call 1-866-568-6314 to claim the prize. At the bottom of the letter it reads: JH-75459. I live in Chicago, IL. I shop online religiously and I know I am exposed to all of these frauds.

  188. well looks like they have changed it a bit but same idea S. Mauger in Gibsonton, Fl sent me what looks exactly like a check with a small note attached to the top saying we have to use it to redeemed for a travel certificate. written from a “travel union in scottsdale, Az” and signed by a Suzanne Jill…..looks like they still think we wont check on it first.

  189. Same deal, I supposedly won two round trip tickets, the letter is from AZ, received in central florida, signed Kerry Dyer VP

  190. Woo-hoo! I got the same letter today from Kelly Dyer. I live in Chicago. Fortunately, my wife made me do a search out of caution before we booked our vacation plans.

  191. GOT one today July 16th 2012. So they are still at it. I knew right away it was a scam but I had to prove it to the OTHER PERSON whoes name was on the letter. We live in Florida. Mine was also signed by K. ( Kerry ) Dyer. They used the phone number of 866 546 1767

  192. Got letter today.from phoenix to ct.. But we moved to phoenix LOL.

    Kerry dyer vp phone 866 546 1768

  193. Received one today in Port St Lucie, FL signed by Kerry Dyer, Vice President 1-866-493-9768..they seem to have several telephone numbers. And I would think if I got any correspondence from US Airlines it would be on quality letterhead..not a cheap photocopy on cheap paper

  194. Sure enough, I received the exact same letter this week. An airline called US Airlines doesn’t even exist. Thanks for the warning and thanks to the Internet for making it possible.

  195. Received the same letter in Chicago today. Looking at the letter and reading other comments about deceased parties getting these letters, I thought about how the scammers have obtained the contact information. So, after further review, look no further than the Cook County Assessor PIN index. Public record which is listed in the paper at least one time per year. If someone has not updated the taxpayer of record and that person has since passed on, they might get a letter. Also, my letter presents my name in the unique fashion I only know to be listed on this list. Hope this helps. And, if you speak with Kerry Dwyer, let him or her know that my kid appreciated the scrap paper.

  196. Received the US Airlines letter today. Call back number 866-746-4354. Scam and scam again. Do not fall for it. Funny I received it… considering I deal with financial fraud on a daily basis….

  197. I received the letter on 7/22/12 stating I must reply by 7/25/12 or it will be awarded to an alternate. Kerry Dyer is the supposed Vice president on this one, also has a code JQ-42789 on the bottom. “Retail Value” of up to $1298 on this one, BUT, some restriction apply, lol, as in if you do or do not fall for the scam lol. Thanks for all the postings!

  198. Got one in Illinois today. Handwritten envelope and ink signature. I’ve never flown thia airline, so I knew to be suspicious!

  199. Got one in illinois today as well. Signed Kerry Dyer vice president and phone number is 8665149756.

  200. Got one in Chicago, IL today, same letter with variations: amount of award $1298.00. From “Kerry Dyer” Vice President. Phone 1-866-493-9766.

  201. I got one today in the northwest suburbs of Chicago from Kerry Dyer. So glad I looked it up before I called! It had a handwritten envelope as well with no return address. This airline doesn’t exist which is why I was skeptical.

  202. I have gotten a few of these letters and decided to today to report it to my local FBI branch and to the better business bureau. I am in Chicago, IL and have the same form as the previous 5 posts. Apparently, Kerry Dyer is the poor sales rep for our part of the country. Hopefully, no on responds to these letters other than to inform them that we consider their advertising as fraudulent.

  203. Yep! one today in Chicago! Don’t these idiots know that there is the internet and we can look up what a scam they are??

  204. Thank you for spreading the awareness. Receiving the same today, I’m in Boston area. Signed by Jacklyn Paul

  205. I got the same letter today, in Florida, dated July 23,2012, from Vice President, Jacklyn Paul … “Please call me today at 1-866-480-7560… no later than Aug 1st, 2012″… hand written envelope, post marked from Phoenix, Az… the bottom of the letter has JT-54360.. I’ll be holding onto it for a while, just to see if I get more… if so, I to will be reporting it to local FBI..BBB… etc… thanx for all the posts!!

  206. I received the same letter on July 26 2012 signed by Jacklyn Paul Vice President. Thank you for posting that this is a scam as I suspected.

  207. Got one in Vancouver, WA USA (Located just north of Portland, OR) yesterday, basically the same award notification/letter with variations: amount of award = 2 round trip airline tickets worth up to $1298.00. From “Awards Department” Phone 1-866-480-1242, there is no name listed. Allegedly mailed via a USPS presort permit #324 in Oklahoma City, OK. There is no return address either.

  208. yup – dated july 23. rec’d in woodstock valley, ct. phone 866 421 7053. they have a lot of phone numbers. J U – 5 5 5 2 1 at the bottom. does it actually help to give it to the postmaster?

  209. I received the same letter as everyone else in Chicago, IL. It was dated 7/9/12. It is signed by Kerry Dyer with a contact number of 866-568-6314. I knew it was a fake b/c how can you win an award for which you never signed up and what major company sends out hand-addressed letters?

  210. Hi, I am from Vancouver WA, I got the same letter, sign by Jacklyn Paul in Phoenix AZ. Thank you for your information.

  211. Got my letter today, 8/2/12, exact letter you posted except from Jacklyn Paul. How anyone could thinks this is true is unknown to me. Looks like something made up on a cheap home printer. Mine had no post mark on it to identify where it came from. I too googled it to see what the scam is.Beware of anything that is too good to be true. Thanks for doing the leg work!

  212. Received the letter today (August 4, 2012) from Jacklyn Paul. Her number is 866-415-0380. It is so obviously a fake, as someone said before, hand addressed, letterhead looking like a photocopy. No return address – so blatantly not from a real corporation. I will ask my post office people about it. I live in a small town in Rhode Island.

  213. Got award voucher check voucher jr- 46317 to call 1-866-481-2535 from Phoenix, Az. I am in San Antonio, Tx thanks for the warning.

  214. Just got one! The letter was dated July 9, but warned that I must respond no later than June 18. If they’re going to pull a scam like that, they should at least put US Airlines on official letterhead.

  215. Same letter from Jacklyn Paul. No return address, no corporate address…to the shredder it goes. Cape Coral FL

  216. I got a post card that reads “FLY AWAY ANYWHERE A US AIRLINE FLIES” and has a picture of an airplane. info on back says i have 2 round trip tickets to continental United States and to call 1 858-966-3122

  217. Nobody gives anything for free, had an appointment for this evening but decided to check it out. sounds like a ripoff so am not gonna waste 5 hrs of my time,. thanks for the info. it was signed by Kerry Dyer. why do they need the credit card, is it a scam?

  218. Got a letter today dated august 6, 2012 but the envelop is stamped phoenix arizona
    august 8,2012 so they waited 2 days to mail it. the fancy number to call is 1-866-651-0117
    Signed vice president Joanne Cane. It has a deadline to respond as august 15, 2012 or else they will give my ticket vouchers to an alternate!

  219. Received a postcard: Fly Away Anywhere a US Airline Flies- IN CELEBRATION OF YOUR BIRTHDAY. They also afford a 7 Day Car Rental from Budget.

  220. I got a letter today offering me two free tickets to anywhere in the continental US. My letter has NEWS written in bold across the top and is signed by Amelia Luna. The toll free number is 1-866-569-0510. It also said that I needed to claim the tickets by Aug 22, 2012 or the tickets would go to an alternate. Thanks for posting this info!

  221. Received one today! Two free tickets. respond by Aug 22. Knew it was a scam! Mine was signed b Joanne Cane. I live in Oregon.

  222. I also received one in the mail today, just like the other Oregonian. Mine was also signed by Joanne Cane. I hope this one gets nipped in the bud soon!

  223. I got one today in the mail. Looked like a letter you have to open when you get your W2. THe kind that you have to tear off the edges. THe number to call was 866-569-2026. signed awards department!

  224. westwood massachusetts
    v.p. jill taye………they are stealing someone’s money for postage and paper..

  225. I got one couple of weeks back, dated 8/8/12..Iam from Des Moines, Iowa…number in the letter is 866-615-9088 and amount is $1298.00

  226. Just received one today dated 8/20/12 from VP Jill Taye of US Airlines. 2 free tickets up to $1298.00 value. Phone # 1-866-568-2296

  227. Same number as above, from VP Jill Taye. Why can’t authorities shut these people down?
    This came to Molalla, OR

  228. Unlike you I’ve heard of US Airline, I recieved a letter from US Airline and I found it very amusing that the signature from the vice president and the hand written envelop with no return address were the same. Like you I was raised the think that every sweet deal is too good to be true. Like you the letter that I recieved was sign by a Jill Taye a not by the same person that have signed you’re letter. I just want to add, to any who recieves a letter from any type of business with a hand written envelop and a regular stamp not a metered stamp beware “IT’S A SCAM”

  229. Wow, this must be a BIG COMPANY! They have a SLEW of Vice Presidents and tons of phone numbers! Mine is from ‘Jill Taye’ also. BTW the ‘handwritten” address is a computer handwriting font. The only thing that disgusts me about this is the USPS lets them mail them for 15 cents! At least make them pay full postage… lord knows the USPS needs the business, so I hope they won’t stop this ‘promotion’ soon, or we’ll have to try and find a Post Office to get our junk mail (’cause there won’t be home delivery much longer). It’s a shame they don’t offer a postage paid return envelope… I’d send them their letter back!

    • Awesome post. Yeah I would like to send thousands back in a huge box so they can be just as ticked off as I am!
      PIttsburgh, PA

  230. People beware. Anything that looks too good to be true absolutely is a scam. My letter looks identical but it is signed Jill Taye. Wow this bogus airline has A LOT of presidents! Anyhoo….toss it in the trash.
    Concerned in PIttsburgh, PA

  231. Got one today, Sept 5, VP Jill Taye. Thank you for keeping everyone up to date. Sent a copy to my consumer person for our newspaper.

  232. I harvest all scammer information from such items. Then use the scammer information to scam others scammers. Such as notices from other countries about lottery winnings, dead and dying unknown relatives, boxes of money at the airport just waiting for my deposit…etc.

    Nothing like turning scammers onto scammers. Works very well and keeps them busy for months.

    Try it.


  233. Oh by the way I did get one of these just today in the mail. I am sharing the toll free number with all the scammers wanting my phone number.

  234. Live in Tulsa, OK. Received one of these today with an electronic mailing permit “presorted postage paid from Oklahoma City, permit #324”. Nothing hand written, but computer generated. Not signed with any name, but signed “Awards Department, call 1-866-931-6778”. Amount is for $1,298.00 and they claim they’ve tried to contact me and this is my final notice. It looked like scam it is.

  235. Got exact same letter as pictured above recently, just different amount ($1,298.00), different phone number (1-866-569-0508) and VP this time is Joanne Cane. Envelope was hand written and comes from Phoenix, AZ. I’m located in Chicago.

  236. 09/10/2012
    Just got a post card today and decided to go on line to US Airline where there several replies to the same proposition… All negative responses . As I expected nothing is for free.. Ventura Calif..

  237. I got the US airlines letter and check voucher for $1400 dated 8/30/12. These came in the US mail to my house on 9/11/12. Somebody please investigate and shut down these rotton scammers.

  238. got the letter today, 9/12/12, from Renee Wade, VP. Hand written letter from Phoenix, AZ and postage stamp from Phoenix, AZ 852

  239. Recv’d in Chicagoland same letter, envelope, PHX postmark. Letter signed “Renee Wade”.
    scammers and hopefully they get reported to consumer fraud agencies or state atty generals. apparently appears to be a scam over couple yrs now.
    Be safe- L-Sid

  240. Got this letter today in the mail. I live in Chicago area. Letter was postmarked from Arizona. My letter is signed Cathy Stein.

  241. I just received the same letter postmarked from Phoenix, AZ. I live in Central Massachusetts and the letter is signed Cathy Stein.

  242. Got same letter in Portland, Oregon over the weekend from vice president Cathy Stein, phone 866-357-1991.

  243. I got a vocher today 10/2/12; it says it expired today. I tried to call the number just to ask a few question because i figured it was a scam. i called it and it hung up on me twice. Does anyone know it i may have a virus or something now?

  244. I got one over the weekend. I’m in Boston. Same exact letter, only signed by Jaqueline Simms. Handwritten envelope, postmarked from Phoenix, AZ.

  245. I got a voucher from the same people today, 11/1/2012. I figured it was a scam but wasn’t sure. They also claim to have been attempting to contact me by phone. What I want to know is how they got my address since i have only lived at this location for 3 months. Thanks for the warning!

  246. Today I received a “voucher” for $1,285.00 from US Airlines with the same logo as your letter. “Good at any US airport” “for two anywhere within the US” with a sole phone number apparently toll-free.
    Like others, I was going to call the number and decided to come to the omnipotent web – YEAH!
    It’s in the trash !

  247. Got mine today. Voucher check from Amanda Jon for $1,298.00. US Airlines. They must think we’re morons. But then someone one must be, or they wouldn’t continue sending these things out.

  248. Received a post card “award” and a hand written addressed letter from “Vice President Deborah Hall”. Who knew Vice President’s had nothing better to do than write addressed on envelopes to “award recipients”. They couldn’t have any more red flags if they tried to.

  249. My Mother in Texas got one in the mail today, same exact letter as the one you posted, except the “vice president” is Deborah Hall…Thankfully Mom is “with it” enough to figure it was bogus, and she also showed it to me…which I told her that yes, its a scam…I did the ole google search and brought me to here..Thanks for providing this for us, and I agree, keep this going everyone! I sure wish there was a way to trap these creeps!

  250. They are still sending them out. I called and they asked for the promo code at the bottom of the letter. I told them I had a question first, and the question was, what department of US Airlines sent out this letter? Mumble, mumble and they asked for the code before they could give me any information. I said, I could not give any information until I know what department within US Airlines was offering this promotion. Finally, they told me the letter did not come from US Air and they were just a marketing company working for a local travel company.
    Click, when the phone on their end.
    Hate it when these things come. How can we stop them….anyone????

  251. I received one today. Hand-written address, no return. The letterhead on mine is Anderson Lang and the VP is Sue Bell. The phone number to call is 866-955-4141. I called, you know, curiosity killed the cat…. It does sound like a vacation club promotion, probably not “technically” a scam. We attended a presentation like this, years ago, in Hawaii, to get a free (yuckie) dinner. I’m just curious as to whether anyone sat through one of these and if so, did they escape without giving any credit card info or paying any “fees”.

  252. Received this letter today signed Ann Ross VP. 866-955-0817
    Same as others, hand written address. deadline to call by. Bunch of BS

  253. We got a letter today. Same exact thing only ours is for United Airways. Googled United Airways and it’s an airline in Bangladesh. Signed by Jan Cane, Vice President. It’s amazing what lengths people will go to to scam someone.

  254. I got the same letter dated Jan. 28, 2013. Mine was signed by Keli Jones V.P. I am in Oregon. Thanks for the warning.

  255. Got the same scam in San Diego, looks like a check for $1199.00, paid to the order of “USA Airlines” on behalf of me. Says to call 877-379-7752 IMMEDIATELY as it is my last chance to respond, what douchebags

  256. Sigh… I just received on these today. 1-877-379-7752 — $1,199.00. I hope no one actually falls for this crap.

  257. I received the same letter today. Its actually funny because I called the number knowing it was a scam and I did not fit their criteria lol. Its also funny because I used to do the same job when I was a teenage. The script they read sounded exactly like the one I used to read to unsuspecting customers. These telemarketing scams seem legit even when applying to work for them. Unitl one day you go back to work and the office is emptied out and you don’t get your last pay check.

  258. Just receive in the mail US Airways scam letter from supposedly Dana Kline Vice President and a number to call 1-855-879-8217 here is the info why don’t the police and airlines trace this and get these people?

  259. I just received one today (march 4th, 2013). From Phoenix AZ and with stamp. Letter says the same exact thing with a deadline to call 1-866-318-0571 before March 6th, 2013. It is hand signed by Joy Hill, Vice President. It looked much different from other scam letters: especially the stamp and signature almost made me take it serious.

  260. I received mine today (3/22/13). It lists a phone number 1-855-879-8217, and a claim number. It is signed by Dana Kline, Vice President and has another number at the bottom with NY in the code letters. Unlike the reply before mine, the starkness of it, and no return address made me suspect it. It does have a disclaimer on the inside page stating ” This promotion is not sponsored by or affiliated with US Airlines or any other third party business referenced in this promotion, but they are major suppliers.”

    • Yes, mine (posted just below) had the same disclaimer and the code letters (but no NY), same phone number and Dana Kline as the VP

  261. I received one but it was typed and folded professionally with the security paper on the back. The stamp was prepaid with a Tampa, FL Permit #78. It’s dated March 20th, 2013. Man these guys must be successfully scamming people if this many people are still receiving letters over a year later. Wish there was a better way to report them.

  262. got one too. 3/25/13. same letter but with Sue Bayler as VP. WE need the Mod Squad to get in there and take them out! Ha!

  263. Got one today, with a v.p. “Dana Kline.” Allentown, PA area.

    A-MA-zing how many vice presidents this company has. .:eyeroll:.

  264. yep! same letter arrived in today’s mail. Looks official and signed by V.P. Dana Kline. I’d like to tell Dana to get a real job!!

  265. I, too, got one said promo would end April 17th…was booked for an appointment next week. Guess I won’t go. Thanks for the tip. Did anyone actually go?

  266. Got a “Travel Check” in San Diego. Pay to the order of “USA Airlines on behalf of” me. Amount: 1,199. Phone: 1-877-379-7752

  267. In San Diego. Same as above, I also got a travel check, pay to USA Airlines on behalf of me, Amount: 1,199. Phone: 1-877-379-7752. Going in the garbage!

  268. Hi there, just received my letter dated 4/29/13–the scam is still going strong. Came from AZ in a handwritten envelope signed by Keli Jae, with the phone number, 1-866-385-2030. Googled it–there must be over 500 sites warning folks about this scam. Sent a scam complaint to AZ BBB. . .everyone here should do the same. . .and throwing out the letter now!!

  269. Letter received today, 5/18/13 in the Denver area. How would I report this and to whom? Not even sure how such a scam would work?

  270. Just received a voucher, a check for $1,350. towards 2 round trip tix from US Airlines…phone 866-815-6151. I live in Massachusetts 5/21/2012.
    The real airline is US Airways, not Airlines.

  271. Just got a letter too for 1,398. Its disappointing since I have a friend that is flying out to see me and this would have helped alot. But someone should do something about this.

  272. My husband and I just received a mail saying that we win two round trip within USA! it was too good to be true but we called them and they asked us to come to a hotel hear in windsor this saturday to take the tickets..

  273. Hi there, You have done a fantastic job. I will definitely digg it and personally recommend to my friends.

    I’m confident they’ll be benefited from this site.

  274. Got a similar letter. different logo..$1398.00 for 2 round trip tickets. And 2 nights at a marriot hotel

  275. Looks like they changed up the process.. received the same letter, but for a FREE Android tablet.. but I have to act FAST (72 hrs)!! Silly trick, rabbits are for kids! LOL

  276. I received a letter in the mail from Fly The US Skies on August 8TH 2013. It states that this is the final notice. Says that I have been selected to receive 2 round trip airfares to Las Vegas, San Diego, or Los Angeles leaving from Honolulu International Airport. Call within 48 hours and will also receive a bonus 3 Day 2 Night hotel stay. It gives 2 phone numbers to call 1-877-379-7752 and 1-888-356-0343. There is also a check that is made out for the destinations listed above. It looks like a real check all the way down to the back of the check. Check number EE-4630 I know this is a scam but wanted to share so others can see that this is a scam. I was trying to post an actual picture of the letter but for some reason it won’t let me add it to this message. Everything that is written above is exactly what the letter states. I hope nobody will fall for this!!!

  277. I got the same letter today, from Continental US. It reads as follows:
    Dear ****,

    I am pleased to inform you that you have qualified for an award of 2 roundtrip airline tickets. Congratulations. These tickets are valid for travel anywhere in the continental U.S. from any major international airport. The retail value of this award is up to $1,229.00. Certain restrictions apply.

    We have attempted contacting you several times without success. This is our last attempt. If we do not hear from you soon, we may need to issue the ticket vouchers to the alternate.

    Please call me today at 1-866-957-5856.


    Jen Day
    Vice President.

  278. I received two letters now. First one went in the shredder, second one one on its way to shredder. They have Continental US on paper and the letter reads like all the other ones I have seen on here. I wish I could send them back but never an address. Just a 1866 number and a name. mine is signed Joan Bell vice president. sounds like a made up name.

  279. I got one today too….but from Delta Sky Rewards. I don’t even fly Delta, so I knew it was a scam. The number they gave is 1-866-866-996-3351 Uh….too many numbers in there, dummies! Hand written envelope with no return address and from Phoenix, AZ. Signed Dina Kale, VP

  280. Just got a letter from US Airlines for 2 free tickets and 2 nights stay in a Marriott. So, I call the number and talked to Diane who said we needed to come to the Windam Gardens in Harrisburg PA to listen to a 90 min presentation that Travel Suppliers of America, a new travel agency in Harrisburg would put on. She wanted us to come tonight but I said I couldn’t make the decision that quick. So I then googled the company and the rest is history…..

  281. Got my letter from “US Airlines” from Tampa a couple of days ago. Felt in my gut it was a scam, but called to just listen to the spiel and see. Listened to this guy ramble on for about 5 minutes about going to an “open house” about 40-50 miles away to collect my tickets. Then when he found out I was not a married person, he transferred me to this other scam line that was pushing a 3 day cruise from Florida to the Bahamas (indoor cabin, of course). This dolt talked to me like I was in pre-school, and because I was bored I let her do her thing for a couple of minutes (ex: Her: “You don’t sound excited enough, and here at Caribbean Cruise Line we only give cruises to excited people.”) I knew it was unfolding when she started yammering about a $59 dollar per person charge to “cross international waters” and that she was about to transfer me to someone who could “take my info.” I asked her pointblank if they were expecting me to make a payment while on this call and the sunshine went right out of her voice when she said, “yes.” I told her I wasn’t comfortable with that and this idiot replies (indignantly) “Why NOT?” I hung up.

  282. I got a voucher saying I had won a Android 4.0 tablet with Wi-Fi, USB, and Camera and if I were to call within 48 hours I would also receive a $100.00 restaurant dining card. I googled the number and just as I anticipated it’s a scam.

  283. Pingback: » Free Airline Ticket Further Reading

  284. Got a postcard saying I was selected for a 3-5 day cruise. It turn out it is sponsored by Direct Buy, and I will have to go to a 90 min bla bla bla conference to get my cruise…..just call out of curiosity to check if in indeed a scam, and it was, they are just trying to sell something.

  285. I received 2 o fthem, actually I called the phone number they give and I spoke with a lady who told me you have to come to a meeting where you will participate in a study or something like that. The letter was sent by Cheap Tickets and it says Southwest. Jet Blue. Air tran

  286. I got a letter in the mail last week (late June 2014). Most of these comments are from a few years ago. Wow, this scam has been going on for a long time. I figured it was a scam… I threw it out.

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